Degree Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
PHCO 0501Health Systems & Policy3
PHCO 0504Introduction to Biostatistics3
PHCO 0502Principles & Methods of Epidemiology3
HSAP 0615Health Care Economics3
BIST 0535Biostatistical Computing3
EPID 0656Intermediate Epidemiologic Research Methods3
HSAP 0620Public Health, Ethics, & Law (or Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry)3*
EPID 0563Introduction to Outcomes Research3
BIST 0551Applied Regression Analysis for Public Health3
PHCO 0514Foundations MSHOPE (Online)1
HOPE 9511Capstone Project I3
HOPE 9512Capstone Project II3
 Total required credits40

* You may take either of these courses to fulfill the necessary credit requirements.


Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
EPID 0657Applied Methods in Epidemiologic Research3
BIST 0660Clinical Trials:  Design & Analysis of Medical Experiments3
HSAP 0614Health Services & Policy Research Methods3
EPID 0672Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management3
EPID 0591Topics in Comparative Effectiveness3
EPID 0629Meta-Analysis3
BPHE 6025PPharmacoepidemiology3
30:725:308Pharmacy Practice Management3
IDST 6400EEvidence-Based Literature Review3
PHEL 0581Independent Study in Health Economics2-3
HOPE 9510Health and Pharmaco Economic Modeling3

Additional electives may be included as new course offerings become available through the School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, or other Rutgers graduate training programs.