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The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) & Master of Science in Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (MS-HOPE) dual degree program combines the educational strengths of the Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy (EMSOP) and the Rutgers School of Public Health (SPH). Graduates of the PharmD/MS-HOPE will receive complementary training in pharmacy and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and will be well-positioned to take leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry and in pharmacy benefit management. The program will create alumni who are powerful change agents and positively impact patient care while promoting the cost-effective use of pharmaceuticals.

Note: This program is ONLY available to EMSOP students. 

Program Design

Students will complete a full-time study in the PharmD program and graduate in 6 years. If students remain full-time, they will earn the MS-HOPE degree in 18 months. This program will allow pharmacy students to complete their PharmD and MS-HOPE degrees in 7.5 years, instead of the 8 years that would be required if the two degrees were completed sequentially.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy PharmD degree program;
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher;
  • PharmD students may formally apply to MS-HOPE program in the fall of the second professional year (P2) but no later than the end of the SPH Spring application deadline of the fourth professional year (P4).

The GRE requirement for MS-HOPE admission is waived for dual degree applicants.

Application Timeline

  • SPRING P1: Approved PharmD/MS-HOPE students may begin taking MS-HOPE classes.
  • FALL P2: Students may formally apply to MS-HOPE program.
  • SPRING P4: Students may not apply later than the end of the SPH Spring application deadline. Students in the P4 year interested in taking MS-HOPE courses must have permission from the MS-HOPE Program Director and the Office of Academic Services at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

Dual degree students who successfully attain a locally-based post-doctoral fellowship or residency after conferral of the PharmD may complete the MS-HOPE component of the program on a part-time basis.

Curriculum Requirements

  • PharmD students must complete the full PharmD curriculum.
  • Students may complete up to four of the MS-HOPE courses while enrolled in the PharmD professional program (2 courses may substitute pharmacy professional electives). Students will choose two (3-credit) courses from the following:
  • PHCO 0501: Health Systems and Policy (SPH)
  • PHCO 0502: Principles of Epidemiology (SPH)
  • PHCO 0504: Introduction to Biostatistics (SPH)
  • HOPE 9510: Economic Modeling of Pharmaceuticals and Other Health Interventions (EMSOP)

Upon matriculation into the MS-HOPE degree, PharmD/MS-HOPE dual degree students will be given three (3) MS-HOPE elective credits for Pharmaceutical Economics: 30:725:320.

Eligible PharmD students may take up to 3 MS-HOPE courses before applying to the PharmD/MS-HOPE dual degree program, but must officially apply and be accepted into the PharmD/MS-HOPE dual degree program to take additional MS-HOPE courses as PharmD students. 

No more than 18 credits or 6 courses within the MS-HOPE program may be taken while still enrolled in the PharmD program.  

Dual Degree Flyer: Click Here

For more information, please contact info_HOPE@pharmacy.rutgers.edu.